The Best Off Duty Police in Louisville

Your Protection is Our Priority

Serving Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio

Your Protection is Our Priority

Serving Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio

Residential and Commercial Security Services

Current and Retired police officers

Off Duty Police Security Services in Louisville, Kentucky for your business, home, & personal protection


We at Police Security Services understand that the most effective crime deterrent is a visible police presence. If and when a crime occurs, police officers can take immediate action for your safety and protection.

Depending on the type of crime, dialing 911 may not be fast enough. Having off duty officers on the scene can save valuable time which may result in protecting your company assets, or, more importantly, saving someone’s life

If you need off-duty police services in Louisville, Kentucky, or surrounding states, whatever your industry or security needs, we can help. – From commercial worksites to residential, corporate or small business, school and university campuses, banks, hospitality, events, VIP protection, or traffic control –  we have trained, professional, off-duty officers to protect your interests.

We get the job done right when it matters most

get the job done right

Why Hire us for your Security?


We employ Only the Best off-duty law enforcement officers in their respective fields to include police officers, correction guards, and retired law enforcement officers.

Police Officers are Highly Trained, Well-Respected, and Understand the Law. Our officers can also generate a Faster Law Enforcement Response when necessary.

When your business or property is in need of protection, look no further than the professionals of Police Security Services because, here, Your Protection is Our Priority.

Off Duty Police Officers providing the best security services in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio, & Beyond