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Benefits of Hiring Off-Duty Police Officers

Police Officers are Highly Trained

Certified Law Enforcement Officers are highly trained. The law enforcement officers at Police Security Services are no different. Our ownership ensures that each officer is not only certified but that they are a professional. By hiring one of our officers you are ensuring that when your business or personnel need protection, you have chosen the right company for the job. The ownership of Police Security Services have a background in training law enforcement officers all around the country and guarantee that you will be satisfied working with true law enforcement professionals.

Faster Law Enforcement Response

By choosing to have a police officer present at your business, you guarantee a faster response. Law enforcement officers have the training, tools, and ability to handle a variety of situations that they may encounter. While a security guard may have to call 911, the officers at Police Security Services have constant radio communications with police in case of emergency. Rest easy, when Police Security Services is on site, your business is in good hands.

Law Enforcement Understand the Law

Police Officers are well trained in the law.  If you have a situation that reaches the point of an arrest, then that police officer is going to be trained to do everything properly and ensure a victory in court for your organization. Hiring the professional law enforcement officers of Police Security Services removes the burden off of private security companies and the liability off of your organization. 

Command More Respect & Attention

Police Officers are going to be treated with more respect than a security guard.  If it’s a particularly difficult duty location, then that Police Officer’s uniform and badge may well be worth the investment over a security guard. A police officer is readily identifiable by those who need help when time is of the essence. The law enforcement officers at Police Security Services are always professional, in uniform and ready to work for your organization.

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A Message From The Owners

At Police Security Services, we understand there are many options for your security needs. We work for you tirelessly to make sure through extreme ownership and accountability, that in your time of need, we will be ready. The ownership team doesn’t utter these words lightly. The ownership team of Police Security Services have dedicated their lives to safeguarding their community and its residents. Our business was founded by law enforcement professionals with the idea to keep those in need safe. Our team values relationships in the community and strive to develop business friendships that last. Whether you see us riding in your neighborhoods or working for your business, your protection is our priority.

Our Mission

We at Police Security Services understand that the most effective crime deterrent is a visible police presence. If and when a crime occurs, police officers can take immediate action for your safety and protection. Depending on the type of crime, dialing 911 may not be fast enough. Having off duty officers on scene can save valuable time which may result in the protection of your company assets, or more importantly, saving someone’s life

Whatever your security need – from commercial worksites to residential, corporate or small business, school and university campuses, banks, hospitality, events, VIP protection, or traffic control –  we have trained, professional off-duty officers to protect your interests.

We employ only the best off-duty law enforcement officers in their respective fields to include police officers, correction guards, and retired law enforcement officers.

Our trainers and the officers we employ to protect schools are ALICE Certified

When your business or property is in need of protection, look no further than the professionals of Police Security Services because, here, your protection is our priority.

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