Your protection is our priority

Professional law officers protect your interests for every industry or security need.

Security Services for Commercial Worksites


Construction equipment often times is difficult to move from site to site. This leaves businesses vulnerable to theft of some valuable equipment causing delays in getting projects done when time matters. Protect your equipment with one of our trained law enforcement officers.
Security Services for Warehouses


Protect your merchandise and assets by having an officer sit inside your warehouse as a theft or crime deterrent. Busy season? Short security staff? Trouble with terminated employee? Having a law enforcement officer on the property can deter many of these actions before they occur.
Security Services for Events


Sporting Event? Church Picnic? Large crowds? Unfortunately large crowds bring a risk of criminal behavior. Whether an officer is needed to deter that behavior or direct a traffic jam, consider having an off duty officer at your next function.
Security Services for Traffic Control


Millions of vehicles travel on our nation’s roadways throughout the day and night. Distracted and impaired driving accidents are at an all time high. Having a highly visible law enforcement vehicle to protect your workers and equipment is a small investment to potentially avoid a catastrophic accident.
Security Services for Retail Shops


Shoplifting is a concern of every retail business. Having your merchandise walk out the door without being paid for drives down performance and raises retail cost. Partner with us to figure out how to keep your items on the shelves.

Security Services for Schools, University and Colleges


Our children are our most precious and valuable assets. By having a trained law enforcement officer in your school, feel safe they are in a protective environment. Our officers are mentors in the community and will be an asset to your school.
Security Services for Banks


By having a law enforcement vehicle parked in front of your bank with an officer inside, you can deter the risk of having an armed intruder enter. Our officers are trained to notice suspicious behavior and address it before it becomes a problem.
Security Services for Churches


People are most vulnerable in unexpected places. Having a law enforcement officer to be a protector while your congregation enjoys worship is key. Our officers work well with your security team to address potential risks. Officers are also available for traffic control before and after service.
Security Services for your VIP Clients


We understand the importance of privacy. We employ officers who have been trained in Dignitary Protection for your VIP needs. Our officers will make sure you are never later for that important meeting, flight, or dinner reservation. Please contact us to customize your VIP needs. Private business vehicles with internet and phone access available.

Security Services for Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks


And they’re off in the Kentucky Derby!! When coming to town for this once in a lifetime event, let us worry about the transportation. Let us worry about getting your group to the front gate. This red carpet experience guarantees to save you time so you can enjoy the track. We will provide transportation from your hotel to the Twin Spires and from the track to dinner. You tell us how many are in your party, we will handle the details.

We get the job done right when it matters most

Reasons to hire Police Security Services

Security Services - Security


Nothing tells an employee, a resident, a patron to your business, or a partner in your firm that you care about them more than a secure environment. Protecting your biggest asset, your people, is at the cornerstone to most businesses. Off duty law enforcement officers provide that safety with the training to protect your interests.
Security Services - Theft Deterrent


The average alarm company takes ten minutes before notifying law enforcement. Either by design or contract, alarm companies often call a key holder before notifying law enforcement of a problem. By doing this, it leaves your business vulnerable for valuable minutes. Having off duty police officers at your location can save you big in the long run to deter theft.
Security Services Workplace Safety


Law Enforcement Officers and vehicles are designed for ultimate visibility to deter criminal behavior or accidents. By placing a off duty officer or police vehicle at a location, you receive a high visibility safety precaution for your business.
Security Services for Threat Management


Whatever your business, protecting your employees, patrons, or product is about risk management. It goes beyond the physical security realm to encompass all risks to which a company may be exposed.