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We specialize in professional team safety training programs 

Police Security Services employs a highly diverse group of law enforcement and civilian trainers that have been recognized around the country by leading law enforcement training cadres such as the National Tactical Officers Association and Police Executive Research Forum. We have ALICE Certified Instructors. Our trainers have taught thousands of law enforcement and security professionals around the country and are skilled in delivering this training to your needs. Police Security Services has customized training programs from businesses and schools in the Midwest. Contact us today about these training programs!
Security Services Active Shooter Training


How long would ten to fifteen minutes feel if there was an active threat inside your business? The FBI shows the average response time for the police during an active shooter situation is in between that time. Do you have a plan for your employees, parishioners, or customers in the event this happens? Police Security Services will provide a custom training designed to fit the needs of your organization. Trained in threat assessment techniques, our team won’t cookie cut your training experience. When your people count on you, you can count on us.
Security Services - Stop The Bleed Training

An injury to the carotid artery or another major blood vessel can be deadly. A person rendered unconscious with an injury to one of these areas can bleed out in 10-15 seconds. This training is fit so that your employees and safety team have the needed training and resources available if a workplace accident or violent encounters occurs. Our team of trained law enforcement and members of the medical field will train your personnel on how to respond if a situation arises in your organization. Learn more at
Security Services - Threat Assessment Training


Are your employees or patrons parked in a dangerous area? Are they a potential victim of a crime? The team at Police Security Services are training in threat assessment and are experts in recognizing dangers to your team. Our team will come to your business and do a threat assessment for your security team or of your security operations! 

Security Services - AHA First AID/CPR Training


Our trainers are certified through the American Heart Association in the most recent CPR and First Aid techniques for your work place. In this all-inclusive training offering, our trainers use life-like simulation mannequins to give your members real feedback on their life saving measures.
Security Services - Civilian Trauma Rescue Training



Security Services - Security Guard Tactics Training


Worried about your property being stolen or vandalised? Our trainers will do a threat assessment on your property and then train your security team to existing and potential dangers. Law Enforcement professionals are trained to have a keen eye for theft deterrence and criminal behavior. Our trainers will pass these skills and what to look for on to your security team.
Security Services - Security Guard De-Escalation Training


Have you trained the men and women who safeguard your place of employment, worship, or organization? During this training, our law enforcement trainers will teach de-escalation tactics used around the country by leading law enforcement agencies. Our trainers have been involved in training more than 50 law enforcement agencies across the country in crisis management and have customized these skills for the civilian security guard.
Security Services - Private Investigation Training


Ever wonder what training law enforcement goes through to learn about body language and if someone is being deceptive? Our team of trainers will train your security team or investigators in these same tactics used by law enforcement all over the country. ***This training has an emphasis on theft occurring on the inside from an employee.***